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See an actual Nu/Hart hair transplant
from beginning to end.
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"Laverne and Shirley" star, Eddie Mekka, describes how he noticed his thinning and balding problem, when he knew something had to be done, and why Nu/Hart hair transplants were the ultimate solution.
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Nu/Hart's Board-Certified Hair Transplant Physician, Dr. Peter Dickinson, offers his insightful perspective on the hair transplantation process.
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The drummer for Country Music's Tim McGraw Band, Billy Mason, talks about his hair loss problem and how Nu/Hart hair transplants were the solution.
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Actor Mike Norris shares his hair loss story and
explains why Nu/Hart is the very best when it
comes to hair transplantation. 

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Musician Greg "Fingers" Taylor, a Nu/Hart client, describes why he wasn't ready to adopt a
thinning and balding look.

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Singer / songwriter, Tony Kishman, explains why you're going to thank yourself once you undergo a Nu/Hart hair transplant procedure. 
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Drummer for the Doobie Brothers, Mike Hossack, talks about how his Nu/Hart experience was worth every minute and every penny.
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Beginning the process of getting Scott's own growing hair back was as simple as making a toll free call.
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An actor from Hollywood, CA, Shawn Jackson, talks about the satisfaction of knowing that Nu/Hart hair transplants will last a lifetime.
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Meet Nu/Hart president, Kathy Smith, and Nu/Hart
 hair transplant physician, Dr. Mark Boles, as they discuss how "Life Begins At 50" on the
 CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh.

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Master of Horror Effects, Tom Savini, talks about the ease and convenience of a Nu/Hart hair transplant.
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TV's "Grizzly Adams", Dan Haggerty, tells the
story of when he realized it was time for a
Nu/Hart hair transplant.

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Obtenga la información más reciente sobre trasplantes de cabello con
el Podcast regular de Nu/Hart

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Episodio 1
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-  Soluciones de restauración del cabello
- Proceso de trasplante de cabello

- Entrevista con el cliente, Dan Haggerty ("Grizzly Adams")
- Pregunte al médico

Episodio 2
(35.6 MB, MP3)

- Historia de la pérdida de cabello
- Mitos y soluciones reales de la pérdida de cabello

- Entrevista con el cliente, Greg "Fingers" Taylor (músico) 
- Pregunte al médico

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